With Marbella victory, Anthony Fillingim is the most consistent winner in Tico history

Written by Marisol

By: Tamarindo News Staff Photo by: Taylar Munn

The current national surf champion, and the sub champion of the KIA Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf (CGS) presented by OTIS Eyewear, was the winner of the Copa Tiki Hut in Marbella last month. Anthony Fillingim took the trophy on date two of the CGS, after running waves that were some of the best ever seen in .

With two days of classic summer surf in the peaceful north, Marbella is known as one of the most constant and perfect breaks offered in Santa Cruz de Guanacaste. Fillingim, a local of Santa Teresa, made it clear with this win that there will be more of his exciting surfing to come in 2017.

In the final, he beat Danny Bishko of Esterillos, Ramón Taliani of Malpais and Malakai Martínez of Tamarindo. This heat proved quite a show that exceeded expectations thanks to the abilities of the surfers and of course, the form of the waves.

In total, he combined 15.77 (7.50 + 8.27) points, ahead of 15.50 obtained by Fillingim flies to another victory.

Fillingim vuela a otra victoria. Bishko, who was the closest opponent to Fillingim. Bishko had the highest wave score of the final with 9.5 from the judges, but his ultimate total was not enough to beat Fillingim.

“This victory fills me with joy. I had almost five tournaments without a win after having a good year in 2016. Now I’m filled with motivation to get more results like these,” said Fillingim.

After the victory, Anthony tied ranking points with the leader of this championship Jason Torres of Jaco, who is also leader of the Circuito Nacional de Surf.

Both have achieved a first and a fifth place after two dates of the Guanacasteco, which included the tournaments of Tamarindo and Marbella.

The event in Marbella was attended by more than 130 athletes from all over the country for a total of 9 categories: Open, Junior, Sub 16, Sub 12 in Men and Women, as well as the Men’s sub 14 and Masters Invitational.

The next date of the KIA Circuito Guanacasteco de Surf presented by OTIS, will be in Santa Teresa on March 11 and 12.

Final Results


  1. Anthony Fillingim 2. Danny Bishko 3. Malakai Martínez 4. Ramón Taliani

Women’s  Open 1. Rubiana Brownell 2. Serena Nava 3. Coral Wiggins 4. Braidyn Cummingham


  1. Dean Vandewalle 2. Oscar Urbina 3. Malakai Martínez 4. Francisco Coronado

Boys (Under 16)  1. Malakai Martínez 2. Dean Vandewalle 3. Tiago Leão 4. Oscar Urbina

Girls  1. Valentina Resano 2. Rubiana Brownell 3. Serena Nava 4. Auxiela Ryan Castillo

Boys (Under 14)) 1. Sam Reidy 2. Aaron Ramírez 3. Axel Castro 4. Josiah Knapp

Groms 1. Calendario Resano 2. Kalani Abrahao 3. Pietro Garroux 4. Isaiah Dawson

Masters invitacional  1. Christian Boos 2. Fabián Sánchez 3. Heitor Abrahao 4. Jeff Allen

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