Anthony Segura Won First Date of Olympus National Tour

Anthony Segura Won First Date of Olympus National Tour
Written by Marisol

On June 15, the surfer from Parrita, Puntarenas, Anthony Segura (Lime Coral Team), unveiled a surprise after winning the Olympus National Tour’s Olympus TOUGH Cup 2014, in his own home, during the penultimate championship competition.

With his performance, “Yogi,” as Segura is fondly called in this community, forced experienced Jason Torres, Jair Perez, and Gilbert Brown to compete in the finals of the National Tour. The last time this happened was three years ago, when Luis Vindas sealed the combination of the finals in Jacó.

Segura scored the second highest mark of the day with an 18.33 (8.50+9.83) and, thereby, forced the other surfers to look for more than one wave in order to pass. After selecting two memorable lefts and with his secure and powerful game, he achieved his first gold medal.

“I have no words to express how it feels to win for the first time at home. It’s like giving back to your people and your wave all that I have learned in my life as to surfing. First of all, I want to thank God for giving me strength and Go, Esterillos!” Segura said.

Prior to this date, Segura came in fourth in the ranking; however, and after what has been achieved today, he increases his chances to contending for a national title in July with Maykol Torres and Gilbert Brown, the two surfers with the highest scores prior to the last date.

Emily Gussoni and Her Relationship with Esterillos Oeste

Twelve months ago, 13-year-old Emily Gussoni, a revelation from Jacó, won her first event of the National Tour and won the U-18 category. Today, back in the place that gave her that victory, she repeated the feat against the finalists Nataly Bernold, Ana Herrera, and Leilani McGonagle.

“The final was hard-fought. Waves came out everywhere. I knew that I needed two good waves to win. The truth is that I am very happy to have won, because I wanted to dedicate it to my dad, who came to see me, today,” Emily said.

Moreover, in the Junior Category, recognition was for surfer Noe Mar McGonagle, who got his first perfect score in the championship, after closing Junior’s finals with a memorable offensive.

After 9:00 am, Esterillos Oeste offered surf of impeccable quality. Then, a storm forced the event to stop for almost two hours. However, as the tide rose, the waves offered an incredible scene of competition and a great show for those who attended.

The next date of the Olympus 2014 National Tour hosted by Adrenaline Rush is going to take place in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, with the Reef Grand Finals. The next national champions will be crowned on that date.    

Final Results of Olympus 2014 National Tour


1. Anthony Segura (Esterillos Oeste)
2. Gilbert Brown López (Puerto Viejo)
3. Jair Pérez (Jacó)
4. Jason Torres (Jacó)

Open Women

1. Emily Gussoni (Jacó)
2. Nataly Bernold (Limón)
3. Leilani McGonagle (Pavones)
4. Ana Herrera (Quepos)


1. Noe Mar McGonagle (Pavones)
2. León Glatzer (Pavones)
3. Manuel Mesén (Jacó)
4. Leonardo Calvo (Barranca)

Junior Women

1. Leilani McGonagle (Pavones)
2. Paula Duarte (Jacó)
3. Emily Gussoni (Jacó)
4. Coral Wiggins (Tamarindo)


1. Joseph Méndez (Jacó)
2. Malakai Martínez (Tamarindo)
3. Aldo Chirinos (Playa Negra)
4. Sean Forester (Sámara)


1. Darshan Antequera (Jacó)
2. Jacob Kelly (Nosara)
3. Neo Escaler (Jacó)
4. Cedric McCrakin (Puerto Viejo)

Minigrommet Women

1. Valentina Ressano (Nicaragua)
2. Candelaria Ressano (Nicaragua)
3. Surya Folger (Avellanas)
4. Paulina Summers (Puerto Viejo)

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