Anthony Fillingim wins the 1st Circuito Guanacaste de Surf this year

Written by Mariano

By Tamarindo News Staff

After running his first perfect 10.00 in a final in any official tournament, the surfer from Santa Teresa de Cobano, Anthony Fillingim, won the first event  of the competitive season in Playa Tamarindo at the premier  date of the Circuito Guanacaste de Surf, presented by OTIS Eyewear and Freestyle Watches.

Heavyweight surfers Thomas King, Jason Torres and Angelo Bonomelli, reached the end of the biggest category, the Open, on Sunday afternoon. Tamarindo waves pitched up to head high, coming the best in the morning but always breaking perfect all day long.

Thus, with the qualification of these four top national surfers, the final started with one of the best waves worked by  Fillingim, who earned a fast 7.00 points with it.

Yet, nearing the end of the heat, the surfer performed a Superman Air, then closed with a Reverse Air, assessed by the judges as a perfect 10.00.

It was a weekend filled with the normally elusive 10-point scores as King secured one earlier in the Open competition, as did Jose Joaquin Lopez in the Juniors and Dean Vandewalle in the Boys.

In the Open finals, King, Torres, as well as Bonomelli,  each earned waves of 6 to 7 points; however, the presentation of Fillingim during the final series was strong from start to finish. In total, the winner collected 270,000 colones  and his first 1,000 ranking points.

“Thanks to all the people who managed this event. I’m very happy to win this final and with great friends like Tomas King, who I grew up with since childhood.  Everybody gave a lot of fight in the final,” said Anthony.

The winner of the Women’s category was Zulay Martinez, for the first time in her career. This 15-year-old was at home in Tamarindo, and took the victory in front of Valentina Resano, Coral Wiggins and Serena Nava.

“I’m super happy to win for the first time in Open and I succeeded in my home of Tamarindo” said Zulay.

The first date of Circuito Guanacaste de Surf (CGS) closed with a total participation of 150 surfers from all over the region  including the beaches of Dominical, Guanacaste, Nicaragua, and Puerto Viejo. In addition, the championship included an increase in the the stars of national surf such as Fillingim, Jason Torres and Maikol Torres.

It should be noted that at this first meeting, the CGS used the first priority system ever in Costa Rica. This color-coded board situated on the beach indicated to the four competitors in the water during their heat which surfer among them has priority to go for a wave.  According to the management of the event, this is a tool that will help the surfers grow.


“The priority system is the future,” said Toni Vandewalle, director of the event.  “Our job is to put up the best possible competitive conditions for participants in all waves for the heats  and this new system aims to improve the the competitive level of the athletes.”

And finally, this year, the CGS now intends to carry out pre-registration, giving enough time for those already inscribed to know their schedules and series days in advance.

The next date of CGS moves to Playa Marbella, February  6 and 7 for the Copa Tiki Hut

Final results:


  1. Anthony Fillingim
  2. Angelo Bonomelli
  3. Tomas King
  4. Jason Torres


  1. Zulay Martinez
  2. Valentina Resano
  3. Coral Wiggins
  4. Serena Surfergirl Nava-rags to riches


  1. Ian Bean
  2. Christian Boos
  3. Freddie Wiggins
  4. Fabián Sánchez


  1. Jose Joaquín López
  2. Joseph Méndez
  3. Tiago Carrique
  4. Dean Vandewalle


  1. Joseph Méndez
  2. Francisco Coronado
  3. Tiago Carrique
  4. Oscar Urina Abarco


  1. Calenderia Resano
  2. Valentina Resano
  3. Serena Nava
  4. Coral Wiggins


  1. Kalani Abrahao
  2. Tiago Leao
  3. Axel Castro Bolivar
  4. Valentina Resano

Dolphins (Assisted)

  1. Máxima Resano
  2. Pietro Garroux
  3. Jeremy López
  4. Max Babyak
  5. Sun Díaz
  6. Julien Michaedeau


  1. Alex Gomez
  2. Noldan Zúñiga
  3. Robert Twine
  4. Keiner López

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