Voluntary Community Cleaning Day in Nicoya

Written by Marisol

The Aqueduct Administrator Association (ASADA) of Las Pozas, in Nicoya, with the support of the neighbors and the Integral Development Association, organized this past weekend a day of cleaning the riverbed that passes through their community.

A great variety of household appliances, metal articles, tires and the most common waste was what was mainly extracted from the river and that with the support of the Local Government, through the Department of Environmental Management, was taken to a place where it will receive the appropriate treatment.

A healthy environment is everyone’s responsibility
Having a healthy environment is everyone’s responsibility; The Local Government appreciates and supports these initiatives of the communities that generate a great benefit for the entire canton of Nicoya.

On this occasion, the working group in Las Pozas was made up of Jéssica Soto, Katia Ruíz, Joselyn Zúñiga, Odalis Guadamuz, Luis Gutiérrez, Mariana Guadamuz, Cirilo Guadamuz, Cristian Guevara, Karen Pérez, Luis Guevara, Gladys Gómez, Mirlen Solórzano, Jimena Guadamuz, Yamileth Zúñiga and Ismael Vega.

The population is urged to take care of natural resources and public health by properly disposing of electrical appliances and other items that they are no longer using.

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