The Truth About Application of COVID-19 Vaccines will be Known in Pérez Zeledon

Written by Marisol

Members of the Costa Rica Libertad y Vida Citizen Movement, reported that during this weekend, they will go to the streets of Pérez Zeledón, responding to the concerns that people have about recent scientific and medical news, regarding the content and application of the vaccines for COVID-19. They will be in Parque Central, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Those who make up the Citizen Movement, say they believe in contact with people, face to face, “it is important and more if it is in these distressing moments, where freedoms are being eliminated.”

They emphasized that people’s lives are additionally damaged by erroneous solution proposals, in the face of a Pandemic that is only sustained by PCR tests, “when the World Health Organization (WHO) itself said that this test is not suitable for indicating sars cov 2 infection.”

It is an opportune moment, for the public to come forward firmly and collaborate in the request that the Costa Rica Libertad y Vida Movement made to the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Education, to modify the guidelines on the use of the mask in schools.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition, they will inform about the null effectiveness of the mask to prevent the virus from passing through it and how harmful it is to use it during several hours of the day.

Did you know?

Did you know that the WHO now asks the states not to implement the vaccination passport; and question the efficacy of vaccines? On vaccines, Sweden throws COVID-19 vaccines into the trash after dozens of patients refused to use AstraZeneca.

They say…

Dr. Jimena Campos and Mainor Villalobos, part of the Costa Rica Libertad y Vida team, stated that, “they cannot apply a vaccine if the virus is not well known. There is no evidence that the virus exists as such or not as SarsCov2. There is thousands of variants of the supposedly virus mutating in order to survive, that is why they are more contagious. What is true is that the variants weaken the virus. Now, it is not known if with the vaccines it will be less or more resistant.

María Rodríguez, who is also coordinator of the movement, said, “what they call -vaccines- are not so, it is a genetic experiment and therefore, we cannot agree, it violates human rights, people are being deceived, manipulated”.

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