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Written by Marisol

The Crowdsourcing, is a terminology that comes from the conjugation of two words of Anglo-Saxon origin “Crowd” (crowd) and “Source” (source). It is emerging today as a new business model through the Internet.

In the same way, it presents a specific work as content production. It is not delegated to a person or a company. Rather, it seeks to cover a mass audience.

They can also be users collected from a website or the general public. Which reaches this type of platform through a propaganda message.

Crowdsourcing as a business model

Crowdsourcing as a technological workstream offers great benefits to those who decide to venture into a new business project.

It allows you to have endless optimal results at a lower cost. As additional information, it is appropriate to mention that the virtualization of websites related to this initiative makes it known to more than one user that it is here to stay.
This new form of employment was given thanks to technological advancement. Today it is also known as “the perfect job”

A closer look at Crowdsourcing

The concept of Crowdsourcing was first coined by two journalists in 2006. Jeff Howe, perhaps best known as the father of terminology, and Mark Robinson. These communication professionals focused their research on giving a concept to this term.
In its definition they make it known as a kind of business that is responsible for outsourcing the work. Those that were previously performed by regular employees. And that through this technological trend today they can be developed by online communities also known as freelancers. This phenomenon occurs through the calls that publicize websites that pursue this end.


“Crowdsourcing depends essentially on the fact of being an open call to an indeterminate group of people, it will be in charge of bringing together the most suitable to develop the tasks to respond to complex problems to contribute by providing the freshest and most relevant ideas” Jeff Howe developer of this concept.

For many specialists, Crowdsourcing will continue to make giant strides in the business sector due to the versatility and efficiency it brings to the variety of individuals that may be around its structure.

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