Costa Rican Public Employees Will Now Have Paid

Written by Marisol

Public employees will enjoy paid leave to take care of a relative, whether due to illness or permanent or temporary disability. The motion that establishes it was voted favorably by the National Assembly deputies and will be incorporated into the Public Employment plan.

The amendment establishes that the leave will be for up to one third of the working day. Workers will enjoy this benefit only when the Public Employment Law begins to take effect after its second debate and procedure in the Executive Power. The motion received 26 votes in favor and 21 against.

“A person who is the only one who can take care of his family member with a serious illness or disability and who does not have money saved and the only way that he/she can take care of that person is if they give him leave of up to a third of the working day”, exemplified the official deputy Paola Vega.

“Not everyone has money to ask for permission without pay, they are exceptions that humanize Public Employment,” Vega stressed. According to the congresswoman, this permit will be an encouragement for those families that face this type of situation.

Also birth or adoption of a child

Employees in this sector will also enjoy paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. This incorporation occurred in Public Employment during his stage in the legislative commission.
From there, paternity leave with pay for a calendar month was incorporated, as well as the extension of maternity leave for two months plus leave when:

Premature birth before 37 weeks of gestation
Birth of boys or girls with a severe disability
Birth of boys or girls with chronic diseases
Multiple births
The discussion on the Public Employment plan continued this Wednesday, advancing to motion 242. The votes during the session were from the ruling party members Paola Vega y Welmer Ramos.

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