Costa Rica, Paraguay and Ecuador Launch a Project

Written by Marisol

A project to reactivate sustainable tourism in the region in the framework of the Post-Pandemic era is what the governments of Costa Rica, Paraguay, Ecuador and Germany have proposed.

The initiative, financed by the German government through the Regional Fund for Triangular Cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean, aims to contribute to the reactivation of the sector most affected by the Pandemic, so that it is green and sustainable.

A historic moment

“This is a historic moment where we must promote a sustainable global economic reactivation. Nature and Protected Wild Areas should be an engine for the development of rural and coastal areas of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean ”, said Andrea Meza, Tico Minister of Environment and Energy. The project focuses on the exchange of information and experiences from Costa Rica, the offering country, through the National System of Conservation Areas.

“Costa Rica, Paraguay and Ecuador have a wealth of natural resources that represents a great natural capital that can be used in a sustainable way by the tourism sector to support the reactivation of the economy of these countries,” said Martina Nibbeling-Wriessnig, German ambassador to Costa Rica.

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