Costa Rica Leads the Ibero-American Program on Disability

Written by Marisol

Costa Rica today assumed the Presidency of the Ibero-American Program on Disability (PID), which seeks to contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities in political, economic and social life, in full enjoyment of their rights.

At the eighth Intergovernmental Council of the PID, the 10 member countries voted unanimously for Costa Rica to hold the Presidency until April 2023, which for San José constitutes an international recognition of the leadership developed by this country in the promotion and defense of the rights of these citizens.

The Tico Presidential Office recalls that the PID was adopted by the XXVI Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government held in La Antigua, Guatemala, in November 2018, and also seeks to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Since its foundation, Costa Rica has been one of the member countries of this international cooperation initiative.

Andorra, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Uruguay make up the PID, while the previous Presidency was held by the representative of Ecuador, Isabel Maldonado.

A new perspective

The responsibility now fell to the executive director of the National Council of People with Disabilities of Costa Rica, Lizbeth Barrantes. Regarding the Covid-19 Pandemic, Barrantes affirmed that the economic and social recovery processes require including the perspective of people with disabilities.

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