Tamarindo Police Needs a Home

Written by Marisol

• Eviction health order requires security forces to leave in two months.

• US $ 44,000 debt is due to renting cabins Maleku, current headquarters of the Police in Tamarindo.

• If failing to find station based in Tamarindo, officers would move to Villarreal.

An eviction health order issued by the Ministry of Health two years ago is reason enough for the Police forces of the Ministry of Safety to be looking for a new home in Tamarindo.

However, this is not the only reason. The US $ 44,000 owed (by the end of August) for the rental of Cabinas Maleku to Mark Venegas, owner of the property where the police station is, is another concern for the Ministry of Public Safety.

“The eviction order was issued two years ago. We cannot stay there if improvements are not made, but the owner expects the debt to be canceled in order to perform them and the Ministry of Safety cannot afford this debt, as it was an obligation of the Municipality (of Santa Cruz),” said the cantonal Police Chief of Santa Cruz, Heiner Garcia.

The police station of Tamarindo have been headquartered in these facilities, next to Tesoro, since 2007, when in order to avoiding officials being transferred to other areas, the community, led at the time by Tamarindo Promejoras Association (APMT), signed a rental contract with Venegas, owner of this venue, thus keeping the police in town.

This situation was believed to be temporary but became permanent, because, unfortunately, all the efforts of a group of local developers and entrepreneurs, who sought options for getting a piece of land to build a station in Tamarindo, were unsuccessful.

On August 13, the Police convened entrepreneurs and community organizations to a meeting. This meeting was held at the Convention Center, Hotel Tamarindo Diria. There, the urgency of moving the police station elsewhere where they could operate was explained; they requested help from the audience, who were mostly businesspeople, to locate a property for rent that meets various legal and physical requirements for the police station to be able to operate from there.

“My priority is to keep the police forces in Tamarindo. To do so, I ask for support to help us find a suitable place or raise the money to cover the debt and let the owner of Cabinas Maleku to make the repairs required, according to the health order that prevents us from operating there,” said Heiner García.

The official made ​​it clear that the lease was signed and accepted by the Municipality of Santa Cruz and, as he said, they were the one who rescinded it by municipal agreement notified to the owner of Cabinas Maleku. The Ministry of Safety would not assume this obligation.

Mark Venegas, owner of Cabinas Maleku, indicates that he has had no communication with neither the Ministry of Safety nor the Municipality of Santa Cruz after the meeting on August 13.

Business owners were concerned and consent to seek a property that meets the requirements established by the Ministry of Health for the police station to operate. It would have to have at least one bedroom, two toilets (men and women), an attention room, a kitchen with dining area, and a place to store the arsenal. The building must also comply with the 7600 Act (Law on Equal opportunities for Persons with Disabilities).

As explained by the Police Chief, Tamarindo Police Station would work as a sub-delegation that would have a minimum of 12 officers, two shifts of six each.

“I have requested to double this number of officers to 24 and I’m asking a police car and two motorcycles. We currently have one car and a motorcycle,” he said.

Garcia was emphatic on the fact he would make every effort to keep the police station in Tamarindo, but in case of not being able to find a place soon, they would have to move to Villarreal, where officers would sleep and eat and from where they would continue patrolling and making controls.

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