Tamarindo Art Wave: Serving up the best selection of art

Written by Marisol

. By Marisol Arias . Photo by: Claire Senac Blanchere, courtesy: Tamarindo Arts Foundation

• From June 16 to 18, 50 artists will transform Tamarindo and Langosta with colors, shapes and creativity.

Imagine a warm place of exquisite nature, where ocean, sky and sunsets mingle with surf, gastronomic variety and a cosmopolitan and unrestricted lifestyle at a beach that, year after year, receives thousands of people eager to experiment a little bit of its essence and freedom.

If you have this picture in mind and have visited Tamarindo, you know this combination occurs.

The ingredients that make Tamarindo a special place, not only as a holiday destination but as home for so many people, have also opened the way to cultural diversity. And why should art be left out of this rich social exchange?

The question was answered by a group of dreamers who decided that the beauty of this Costa Rican paradise, located in the North Pacific coast, may become the host of a festival that opens its soul through the transforming and powerful language of art.

After the hard work of planning, door knocking and financial support requests to companies and people in the area, the drivers of the project have made Tamarindo Art Wave a reality.

Tamarindo Art Wave: connecting the town through a blue line The main goal of Tamarindo Arts Foundation, which aspires to present a democratic mood through the encouragement of local culture, was to have a permanent place to meld art, artists and community.

A diverse and enjoyable painting and sculpture exhibition will fill the streets of Tamarindo and Langosta, from June 16 to 18. In 30 locations, about 50 artists will exhibit their art in sundry forms, materials, sizes and applications. Griet Depypere, President of Tamarindo Arts Foundation, explained that the artistic works will be exhibited in restaurants, hotels, shops and private homes, where national or foreign artists will be welcome to create a new piece in the course of the event.

“Tamarindo Art Wave is the first Fine Arts festival that generates a real exchange between artists and community. The main focus is the blue line that connects the sea in Tamarindo with the sky. The line connects the diverse places where artists work,” Griet said.

The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the Municipality of Santa Cruz, along with entrepreneurs, encourage the initiative and have confidence the event will continue to be presented for a long time to come. Artists and their art Among the select group of national and foreign artists included in the exhibition, the Costa Rican painter Fabio Herrera deserves special recognition with his various techniques: watercolor, xylography, silk screen, painting, engraving and drawing, according to the Costa Rican Gallery website (

Herrera took courses in Costa Rica, México and Barcelona and was awarded in Costa Rica for his watercolors. He showed his art work in Catalonia and Barcelona. In the ´90s, he received the “Aquileo J. Echeverría” Prize, presented by the Minister of Culture, for his silk screen work in 1991 and for painting in 1997. Today, Herrera is one of the most relevant artists in Costa Rica; his work is included in New York´s MoMA´s collection.

Another nationally and internationally renowned artist present in Tamarindo Art Wave will be Adrián Gómez, whose remarkably colorful collages and engravings depict the richness of the Caribbean culture through play, women and children. Gómez has taken part in various collective and individual exhibitions and is member of “Arte al aire libre” fairs. Many of his works belong to national and foreign collections and some are exhibited in public institutions. Aimee Joaristi, an internationally recognized painter, sculptor and architect, will also show her work in the fest. Aimée adds movement to her abstract painting to communicate her emotions, while her sculptures are big totems that play with sunlight and shadows.

According to Tamarindo Art Wave´s web page, Joaristi was recognized by the Saatchi Gallery in London, one of the most prestigious contemporary art collections in the world. Tamarindo Art Wave 2016 will present artists from Belgium, France, the United States, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Argentina and Costa Rica. Among them: Helga Denoth, Hollie Heller, Mario Maffioli, Peter Sarkisian, Victorie Cathalan, Adrián Gómez, Robb Havassy, Manuel Obregón, Aimée Joaristi, Eric Le Marie, André Bazán, Brad Payne, Carlos Hiller and Muriel Haerens.

Manuel Obregón, former Ministry of Culture, pianist and national musician, has highlighted the relevance of this artistic meeting and emphasized that “This is a pioneer project throughout the country that can be repeated in other regions in Costa Rica. I think this initiative will have a significant effect within the community by bringing all the sectors together. Art is always a unifying concept.”

Tamarindo Art Wave will also make room for music and local gastronomic offerings.

“We have designed a project through which the local community and national and international visitors can appreciate the cultural diversity of the region,” said Depypere.

For his part, Hernán Imhoff, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo (CCTT), said: “One cannot ignore that many foreign residents live in Tamarindo and Langosta. These people have made valuable contributions to Guanacaste in terms of historic tradition and employment, therefore we strongly approve the creation of these spaces to enable a better understanding between people who come from many parts of the world.”

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