Ocaso featured lots of music and beach cleanups

Written by Marisol

By Ellen Zoe Golden .Photo by Lucas García

Over the course of six days in early January, the Ocaso Underground Music festival, drew over 6,000 people to Tamarindo and Santa Rosa, according to Devin Ellis, one of the event organizers. DJs from all around the world, with an emphasis on those from Latin America, performed sets at Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas, La Senda, and El Be! Beach Club.

 “We are overjoyed with the love and support we received this year from the community here in Tamarindo,” Ellis said. “The crowd had the most amazing energy. It was amazing.”

As highlights of Ocaso, Ellis cited Doc Martin’s deep house to tribal bass sunrise set on Sunday morning at La Senda, which for him was “an incredible experience,” and the breakout performance by Polish techno artist Magdalena Sunday night at Vista Villas that got a lot of attention and drew a big crowd.

“We knew she was amazing, but she played one of the best sets of the festival.”

Ocaso organizers worked very hard with several businesses and members of the community to ensure that sound levels were held at a respectful level inside Tamarindo. They will continue throughout the next year to work on ways to grow the festival while taking into consideration the community here in Tamarindo and Santa Rose.

One of the major neighborhood concerns after the populated post Christmas and New Year’s Eve events left the town with lots of garbage on the beach and streets, was the amount of residual trash the participants of Ocaso Underground Music Festival would also leave behind.

Ellis reported that this likelihood was accounted for in the planning of the music events. Ocaso sponsored two “massive” beach cleanups along with 5-Minute Beach Cleanup and The Clean Wave.

“We did one on January 2, just before the festival started so we could clean up all the trash that was left on the beach after New Year’s Eve,” he said.

“And we did one on January 8, after the fest was over so we were sure to leave the beach cleaner than when we arrived. We appreciate the community allowing us to use the beach for some of our events and we will always do our part to keep it clean.”

Ellis and the Ocaso Underground Music Festival team offered special thanks to all the people of Tamarindo’s community that worked for Ocaso. He gave special thanks to the staff of Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas, Cala Luna Boutique Hotel, the people of La Senda, and El Be! Beach Club for all their help and hard work.

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