In nearly two years, much has changed in Tamarindo thanks to ADI

Written by Marisol

By Tamarindo News Staff  Photo: Tamarindo News Files

The Asociación de Desarrollo Integral de Tamarindo (ADI) was created in September 2014 with the intention of improving the quality of life in the town.

A board of directors was elected, wholly new blood from the previous community group, the Pro Mejoras.

ADI needed to file legal papers, create a logo, find an office, set up phones, open bank accounts, digitalize accounting, update the database, set up email campaigns and a webpage, get active on social networks.

Certainly they had to find members as well. Nearly two years later, and about 290 estimated meetings, much has been accomplished by ADI. Let’s look back and see the work.

Tamarindo Lifeguards

Not only was a new lifeguard tower built thanks to donations from Patagonia and Witch’s Rock, but equipment was donated, and a number of people trained for rescue.

Tamarindo now has two full-time lifeguards: Jonathan Thompson and Sergio Pérez. From March 2015 to May 2016, these guys and volunteers have rescued or assisted 398 people with an average of 26 per month.


The Tamarindo Marathon organizers donated 16 new trash cans which were placed throughout Tamarindo and Langosta.

Rorro does beach and town clean up and his salary is paid by the Surfrider Foundation and ADI.

Working with the Municipality of Santa Cruz, there is now a trash truck. Recycling Since the beginning, there has been a monthly recycling program every first Tuesday of the month in front of Banco Nacional.

Oneida Park

The first phase of clean-up and restoration has been completed. Many improvements were made to the fencing and lighting, and the park itself has new slides, hammocks, and treehouse. Soledad de la Riva painted a beautiful, colorful mural and the skateboard area was reconstructed.

There is now on-going cleaning and maintenance. A team of volunteers is working on a new park design including Architect Mauricio Salas, 5D ESTUDIO; Architect Juan Carlos Robles, 5D ESTUDIO; MSc. Sonia Fuentes, Social Project Management; and Shera Simpson.

Beach Signs Much-needed warning notices for the beach have been posted including 4 rip-tide and 2 crocodile warning signs.


Tamarindo has more police patrolling it. This is a direct result of the monthly security meetings that ADI organizes with Fuerza Pública, Touristic Policía, Migration Police, Transit Police, and OIJ. In addition, there are now 7 security cameras posted through the town.

Karim Sayah, the founder of Elite Close Protection, has been advising ADI on security measures and has donated his team to work at ADI’s events.

Langosta Road ADI has met with Former Mayor of Santa Cruz, Jorge Chavarría and other Municipality executives to coordinate the improvement of this damaged road. In January 2016, some roadwork was completed.

Special Presentations Talks about the crocodiles, as well as prevention of the zika, chickungya and denque viruses via elimination of these mosquito breeding places, were available for community members. ADI was actively involved in supporting CATURGUA in the demonstration for water that took place in July 2015 in Nicoya.

Prior to the February elections, Tamarindo hosted the candidates for the Mayor position in order to have a lively debate. And after the election, ADI met with María Rosa López, the new Santa Cruz Mayor, and Chief of Community Affairs Adrián Rojas.

Farmers Market

For the past 10 months—43 Saturdays— approximately 25 vendors have converged on the spot near Alfaro bus terminal.

Popular vendors sell organic fruits, vegetables and grains, fresh fish, smoothies, bagels, spirulina, coconut oil, purified water, ginger beer, glutton-free breads, dairy-free ice cream, jewelry, clothes and there’s even an acupuncturist and reflexologist.

Fundraising Tamarindo has participated in seven benefit parties in order to fund the activities of ADI.

Money also comes in via gold, silver and bronze “godfathers,” sponsors, sales of lifeguards t-shirts and ADI stickers and umbrellas, as well as a discount book. SER Om Shanti hosted a yoga class, and there was a movie night; both these events also raised money.

Upcoming Plans

For the coming year, ADI has already sketched out some ideas about what it would like to accomplish: 1) Create new public parks 2) Pave more roads, 3) Hire more lifeguards, 4) help build a police station, 5) install more trash bins, and more.

Help your community! aditamarindo@ / Ph. 8319-4015

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