Guanacaste Classic: 14th Annual Golf tournament

Written by Marisol
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By: Tamarindo News Staff .Photos courtesy: Reserva Conchal

  • Sport event featured 108 participants
  • Four Seasons, Hacienda Pinilla and Reserva Conchal presented La Anexión Tournament
  • Participants competed in four handicap divisions

For years, there has been a golf tournament at the beaches of Guanacaste that brings national and international golfers together to compete, and above all, to enjoy the exuberant natural beauty.

This year, the Guanacaste Classic tournament took place on July 23, 24 and 25 at the prestigious courses of the Four Seasons Hotel, Hacienda Pinilla and Reserva Conchal, respectively.

Golfers competed individually in four categories: three of men and one of women, according to their handicaps.

The golf courses have 18 challenging holes, many of which are located among beautiful landscapes: facing the sea, in rocky places and by the ocean.

The tournament had its 14th edition and is a tradition in Guanacaste. It continues to challenge the best golfers by its characteristics and by the climate.

Carlos Soto, Golf Manager of Reserva Conchal, said that the event is very competitive in the country given that its held at three golf courses and enables amateur participants to play at the same level as the pros.

This becomes very challenging because the chances of winning are high. The tournament recognizes the best gross player per category.

“In general, amateurs compete in tournaments with a handicap, which is the player´s numerical advantage according to their proficiency that is subtracted from the course´s par score. The handicap system equalizes players of different skill levels.

The gross score refers to the total number of strokes taken during the round,” Soto explained.He added that the event was conceived as a small tournament in order to create bonds of friendship at the golf courses in Guanacaste.

“Originally, the only golf courses were in Reserva Conchal and in Hacienda Pinilla, and local golfers played every July 25. Popularity increased and many golfers from San José came up.

Nowadays, the three courses in Guanacaste are considered to be the best in the country. Guanacaste Classic Golf is a crowded and favored tournament. Besides, thanks to the sponsors, the event is a good thing to bring social assistance,” Soto said.

After three rounds, these are the results:

Women Grade Gross:

Victoria Callahan Grade

Net: Martine Collart

Second Place: Adriana Calvo

Third Place: Elizabeth Herrera

A Category Grade Gross: Jason Fraze

Grade Net: Trent Michaud

Second Place: Francisco Vargas

Third Place: Carlos E. Villalobos

B Category

Grade Gross: Alvaro Valverde

Grade Net: Jesús Serrano

Second Place: Alex Bidorini

Third Place: Mark Pare

Tournament Category

Grade Gross: Alvaro Ortiz

Grade Net: Richard Manthorne

Second Place: Chris Fortenberry

Third Place: Wilberth Centeno

The registration fee for the tournament was $325 and it included the right to play at the three golf courses, snacks and drinks during the three-day competition and an award luncheon with a guest.

The award ceremony took place at the Reserva Conchal Beach Club, on July 25, immediately after the final round and in the framework of the anniversary of the annexation of Nicoya to Costa Rica.


Four Seasons Hotel, Península Papagayo


Designed by Arnold Palmer

Opened in 2004

Par: 72 Length: 6,800 yards

Holes: 18 (5 par 3, 5 par 5 and 8 par 4)

Hacienda Pinilla, Tamarindo, Santa Cruz

Designed by Mike Young

Opened in 2001

Par: 72 Length: 7,300 yards

Holes: 18 (4 par 3, 10 par 4 and 4 par 5)

Reserva Conchal, Cabo Velas, Santa Cruz

Designed by Robert T. Jones

Opened in 1996

Par: 71

Length: 6,956 yards

Holes: 18 (5 par 3, 9 par 4 and 4 par 5)

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