Santa Cruz wants Clean Beaches

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By THE Tamarindo News Staff  Photo courtesy: CCTT

  • Recycling Program recovers 8 tons of solid waste in Tamarindo, Potrero, Grande, Conchal and Ostional, among other locations.

Every week, 8 tons of solid waste are recovered by the Recycling Program that works in Tamarindo, Potrero, Grande and Ostional, among other beaches. This waste might pollute the beautiful coastal area of Santa Cruz.

According to Vernor Guevara, municipal official, as part of the recycling program developed by the government of Santa Cruz, a local government´s waste truck covers the coastal areas once a week and collects waste materials —glass, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, etcetera— and transports them to a collection center located in the center of Santa Cruz and eventually are taken to treatment plants in San Jose.

The results of these actions were reported in Plaza Lopez in Santa Cruz, in the framework of the events organized to commemorate the Environment, Recycling and Tree Day, activity that had the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo (CCTT); the National and the State at Distance Universities; the Fire Department; and the Institutes of Rural Development, National Learning, National Insurance, and Aqueduct and Sewer Systems.

The following organizations have also supported the events:  FundeCongo; the Red Cross; Reserva Conchal; the Ministries of Health and Public Education; the Sub-regional Office of Santa Cruz / Carrillo (MINAE-SINAC-ACT); the Public Force; the Tourist Police; Guayacanes Group; the Municipality; Diria National Park; Diria Friends  and the Arado ASADA.

The meeting´s schedule included the exhibition of entrepreneurs and local artisans´ products that develop natural items 100% free of toxics (chileros, jellies and others) and other manufactures that contribute to the protection of the planet. The producers recycle and transform products considered disposable —floating decorations, vases, mirrors and others—  in sources of income for families.

The event began with a banner (masquerade, maroons, musicians and dancers) that was carried from Bernabela Ramos Park to Plaza Lopez. Residents of the towns involved in the contest “A Cleaner Community” also took part as well as approximately 200 students involved in cultural events related to the activity.

Good results

Guevara said that the MuniRecicla program began five years ago and that currently, six people work on this initiative covering the beaches of Santa Cruz with the truck once a week.

“I think people have gradually understood the importance of these actions and they are becoming more and more committed to the program. Our idea is to take this initiative to other towns in the canton,” the public officer said.

Hernán Imhoff, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo (CCTT), explained that an adequate environmental management is “critical” to keep beaches in best possible conditions to receive national and foreign visitors.

“The so-called “chimney-free industry” is the cornerstone of the canton’s economy because it generates direct and indirect investments and jobs that benefit thousands of people. For that reason, we must take care of our beaches without sparing efforts”, the President of the Chamber recommended.

For her part, Katty Madrigal, President of the Environmental Commission of Santa Cruz, says that this canton has become a reference for the Costa Rican environmental “movement” as the result of the development of public-private partnerships and the work of volunteer groups.

The environmental awareness in the canton of Santa Cruz is observed since November 2014, being the region a leader in these actions and emulated by others. This is important for us and we are pleased to know that similar efforts are being carried out in other regions of our province, which is part of the objectives: giving the canton a sustainable development demonstrating that the tourism industry can be carried out without losing the environmental balance and reaffirming our commitment to nature,”  Madrigal said.

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