Pavement Plan of ¢ 98 million approved for Tamarindo-Langosta Street

Written by Marisol
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By The Tamarindo News Staff Photo courtesy: CCTT

  • One km of road enhances accessibility of tourists to Langosta Beach.
  • Route carries an average of 1,278 vehicles per day

The Municipal Council of Santa Cruz approved a ¢98 million management plan to pave the Tamarindo-Langosta street, an area that in recent years has experienced remarkable progress in terms of hotel, restaurant and other tourismrelated business infrastructure.

According to the Councilor of Santa Cruz, Jorge Leal, the decision made by all political parties in the City Council was unanimous (the resolution passed in a 7-0 vote).

The consigned funds, to be taken from the Law of the Maritime and Terrestrial Zone N 6043, will be included in the extraordinary budget of this month of March.

Measurements taken by the Municipality of Santa Cruz last June determined that the one kilometer Tamarindo–Langosta route carries an average of 1,278 vehicles per day.

Councilor Leal said that now that the funds have been approved, a proposal has to be created for the paving work, which would start in the second semester of the present year once an award for the job is made by the Municipality.

“Tamarindo and Langosta areas have been used to promote Costa Rica in national and international tourism markets; therefore, it is necessary to improve this road. With the development and completion of this work, we are benefiting a place that has become an employment source for dozens of people within the canton,” Leal said.

Figures for the work

The agreement of the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz says that 7,000-square meters of asphalt pavement, valued at around $25 each meter according to market price, will be used. Hernan Imhoff, president of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Tamarindo (CCTT), highlighted that this agreement is the “right” choice because it represents a token of support to promote investment developments, improves transportation circumstances and will help avoid pollution problems in summer from the dust and difficult driving conditions in winter from the ruts.

“This is a long-awaited project by the Tamarindo and Langosta communities. It is important to know that it has been supported by all councilors because this action reflects the political commitment of the Council that perfectly understand that tourism is the main employment and wealth source for the canton. Also, they know that tourists not only feel attracted by these destinations, but that the tourism industry generates other improvements in Guanacaste´s economies,” outlined Imhoff.

Specifications of the project approved by the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz, indicate that a four-centimeter-thick asphalt pavement will be laid on the road surface of the Tamarindo-Langosta street.

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