Ocaso Music Festival back this January

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By Ellen Zoe Golden .Photo courtesy The Kazbah

The biggest techno and house music festival in Costa Rica returns to the area, this time expanding to six nights, January 2 to 7, 2019. Once again, international and local DJs will present shows at three locations including Best Western Tamarindo Vista Villas, El Be! And La Senda. In addition, the expected thousands of participants will be treated to parties, which will go off at local pools and on the beach, as well as jungle-style raves.

According to promoter Devin Ellis, another new highlight of Ocaso will be featured shows from a group of popular DJs who perform at the famous Burning Man event. As a matter of fact, these DJs— Ali , Dusty Carter, Papa Lu of The Kazbah of Burning Man—will construct a Burning-Man style art installation at La Senda to be enjoyed during the festival.

“Ocaso translated essentially means sunset or mysterious sunset depending on what part of the world you are in,” explained Ellis.

“It is our goal to give the newest and most underground music a platform in Central America. There is an amazing amount of talent in Latin America; house and techno has really gained in popularity since we started Ocaso three years ago. We see the shift away from EDM (Electronic Dance Music) towards the underground sound happening more rapidly in Central America and South American than in the US.”

Some of the world’s top DJs will perform at Ocaso. These include Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Guy Gerber, Damian Lazarus, HOSH, Doc Martin, UNER, Karmon, Magdalena, Sacha Robotti, Kevin Knapp, Frankie Bones, Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Gene Farris, Nathan Barato, plus over 30 additional artists from around the globe.

The line-up includes Tamarindo’s Alex Orias and De Sostoa, who Ellis said are two of the top DJs right now in Central America. “We have decided this year to book about half our artists from Mexico, Central and South America,” he added.

“We also lowered ticket prices significantly compared to last year. It is very important that Ocaso remains organic and all the people in the region are able to enjoy our event as they desire. The energy that we have experienced at Ocaso is because of the amazing vibe in Central America and we never want that to change. Supporting the local artists is the most important thing Ocaso can do to help the scene in Central America grow.”

Some of these regional DJs also include Fredo from Vertigo Nightclub, the premier Techno/House club in Central America located in San Jose, Thee Cool Cats from Mexico, Slurm from Ecuador, Mobius Strum from Costa Rica, David Berckley from Panama, and The Gang Crew from Costa Rica. The question again becomes, why Tamarindo for Ocaso?

“The weather in January is usually amazing. It’s very safe and there is essentially no crime in town and the prices are still very affordable for such an amazing backdrop. Tamarindo has become the hottest travel destination in Central America over the last few years, so the timing has been great for Ocaso,” Ellis concluded.

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